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  • How do I play?

    • ​First you will receive a bingo card and marker

    • Look over your card which has 25 squares, these will be filled with song and artists

    • A professional DJ/MC will announce the theme of the round & will start to play music

    • Your job is to listen carefully, and cross off 5 squares in a row on your sheet to WIN

    • If you get 5 squares crossed off, yell BINGO! We will then check to see if your answers are correct and if you’ve won a Prize!

  • How old do I have to be to play?

    • Musical Bingo is for all ages but the age limit applies depending on the venues that will be hosting us (eg: bars 21+). Although generally in order to play, players should be able to read and have have a general understanding/general knowledge of music and song lyrics.


  • What kind of music do you play?

    • All sorts! We do everything from specific genres (Pop, Rock, Country, etc) or decades (80’s, 70’s, 60’s, etc), to popular movie theme songs (Men In Black, The Breakfast Club, Rocky, etc) and tribute songs to the latest and greatest (Prince, Michael Jackson, George Michael, etc). If you can imagine a category then we can probably build it!


  • Do we win anything after calling B-I-N-G-O?

    • Yes! Prizes usually consist of a discount on your tab or a “next round on us” card, or gift certificate, and always a promotional item from our company.


  • Will I be able to eat during the game?

    • Of course! But you may want to go on the venue’s web page or call the venue ahead of time to make sure they serve food.​

Musical Bingo is a game with the same concept as traditional bingo but instead of numbers, they are replaced with songs titles and artists. Players compete to win based on their knowledge of music and the unpredictability of the game. Each game consists of different rounds with decades, genres and a bonus round. So exercise your musical knowledge and be a part of an awesome night, celebrating music!


A Fun Live Music Game for All Ages!         Availability for Public or Private Events.


Cross off 5 Squares & win a prize       Rated Best Bar Game of 2017!


Musical Bingo events are perfect for...

Bars & Restaurant - Community Events - Senior Centers - Universities

Events Calendar

Bingo Themes:

- 2K10's To Today

- 60's Top Hits

- 90’s Hits

- Classic Rock

- Funk / Disco

- Pop 2K

- One Hit Wonders

- Reggae

- Motown

- 70's Top Hits

- Golden Oldies

- 80's Top Hits

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